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Natural Chemistry Natural Chemistry DeFlea Carpet Powder 11.6oz
Natural Chemistry Natural Chemistry DeFlea Carpet Powder 11.6oz

Natural Chemistry DeFlea Carpet Powder 11.6oz

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Fleas are a huge nuisance not only to our pets but also due to the fact that they can infest our homes. For every flea you find on your pet there are statistically 80 others hiding from your site. Fleas are small, wingless, parasitic insects that feed (suck blood) from dogs, cats and other mammals. Fleas have a hard exoskeleton, strong hind legs, a laterally flattened body, and are usually reddish-brown/brown in color. The adult flea usually lays eggs (small and white) on the host (our furry friends) which make it easy for them to fall off around the home. Eggs usually take from two days to two weeks to develop/hatch then the larvae emerges. The larvae avoid being in light and develop over several weeks. With ideal conditions the larvae will spin cocoons (usually 5-20 days from hatching from their eggs). Doing this leads to the next life stage which is the pupae stage. The pupae stage is the last stage until the adult flea emerges (usually several days or weeks). Once the adult flea emerges it will begin eating right away to survive.


Ticks are an external parasite that lives off of the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. When ticks are in need of feeding they search out prey by heat sensors. When something warm passes them, they attach by clinging to clothing, fur. Once they have decided on their host, the tick moves to an area that has little hair as this will make it easier for them to feed. The most common places ticks are found on dogs is within the ears, as well as the skin around the ears and lips. Ticks then insert their mouthparts into the skin and begin feeding. They will only dislodge once they are completely finished feeding which is also when the adult female will fall from the host and look for shelter. The female then lays eggs and once the eggs are born the female dies. Ticks have 4 stages to their life cycle: egg, larva, nymph and adult. The lifecycle is usually completed within 2 months.


DeFlea® Carpet Powder

DeFlea® Carpet Powder is a naturally based product that contains food grade DE. It kills fleas, ticks and bed bugs on dogs of any age. A dry alternative to sprays and shampoos.

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