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March Newsletter

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March Newsletter


March is coming in like a wet lion and we are here to bring you some pet information sunshine! Thanks for tuning in, this months newsletter is chalk full of four leaf clovers and puzzle toy fun! We even threw in some spider facts! Check out all the sales we have this month, the new puzzle toys we have in, the newest cookies and some great information about one of our favorite supplements, Ultra Oil.

                                    March Sales


Nulo | 2 FREE Pouches with purchase of Freeze Dried Dog Food
Nulo Freeze-Dried Raw is an easy-to-serve form of raw food that delivers high-quality nutrition. Every recipe is made with up to 83% meat, organs, and bones, with fruit pairings for ultra-rich protein and balanced fat levels inspired by prey. Nulo Pouches are high in animal-based protein to support lean muscles and a healthy body condition.

Offer Details

Buy 1 Freeze Dried Dog Food, Get 2 Nulo Meaty Pouches FREE


Nulo | BOGO on Limited+ Kibble
Nulo's FreeStyle Limited+ recipes offer a higher protein, lower carb recipe specially formulated for dogs preferring a simplified diet and is great for pets with food sensitivities. Plus, Limited+ recipes contain the patented probiotic GanedenBC30 for digestive health.

Offer Details

Buy One, Get One FREE of the same size on Nulo's Limited + Kibble


Nulo | 2 FREE Pouches with purchase of Freeze Dried Cat Food
Nulo Freeze-Dried Raw is an easy-to-serve form of raw food that delivers high-quality nutrition. Every recipe is made with up to 83% meat, organs, and bones, with fruit pairings for ultra-rich protein and balanced fat levels inspired by prey. Nulo Pouches are high in animal-based protein to support lean muscles and a healthy body condition.

Offer Details

Buy 1 Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food, Get 2 Nulo FreeStyle Pouches FREE


Holistic Hound | FREE Soft Chews for Cats with Qualifying Cat Hemp Oil Purchase
Our oil is USDA certified organic and features 125 mg of CBD per 0.5 ounce bottle. Our Full Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews For Cats includes 1.5 mg of CBD from our USDA certified organic full spectrum hemp extract and features three additional supplements to help aid in digestion and immune support. Our soft chews also feature chicken liver and salmon oil for increased paletability for cats.

Offer Details

Purchase a Holistic Hound USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Cats 125 mg CBD 0.5 ounce Bottle, Get a Bag of Full Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews For Cats FREE ($19.99 value)


FirstMate | FREE Cat Can with Qualifying Purchase of Cat Kibble
All FirstMate Pet Foods are made in our own facilities in British Columbia, Canada. This promo is a great way to introduce FirstMate wet food to kibble feeders. FirstMate canned diets are made using Human Grade, Fresh Meat that is cooked only once in the can. They are free of artificial thickeners with a smooth pate texture, similar to an applesauce consistency.

Offer Details
Buy any Bag of FirstMate Cat Kibble, Get a 3.2oz Cat Can FREE


ACANA | Dollars OFF ACANA Dry Dog Food
At ACANA, we go above and beyond in every step of crafting our premium pet food because like you, we go beyond the 1st ingredient to ensure that your pet lives its fullest life.

Offer Details

$2.00 OFF Small Bags; $4.00 OFF Medium Bags; $7.00 OFF Large Bags of ACANA Dry Dog Food and $2.00 OFF Small and $4.00 OFF Large Bags of ACANA Dry Cat Food - valid IN-STORE ONLY


ACANA | Dollars OFF Biscuits and Freeze Dried Food
At ACANA, we go above and beyond in every step of crafting our premium pet food because like you, we go beyond the 1st ingredient to ensure that your pet lives its fullest life.

Offer Details

Save between $1.12 - $4.35 on All sizes of ACANA Freeze Dried Foods and Biscuits! Valid IN-STORE ONLY


NutriSource - PureVita | Dollars OFF Grain Free Dry Food
We create the highest-quality food for your beloved pets. NutriSource is formulated with the best ingredients and supplements that support whole-body pet health.

Offer Details

$3.00 OFF 5lb/6.6lb Bags $4.00 OFF 15lb/16lb Bags $5.00 OFF 25lb + Bags All Bags of Grain Free NutriSource and PureVita Dry Food for Dogs and Cats


NutriSource - PureVita | BOGO on Jerky Treats
Jerky Treats feature meat rich, protein dense recipes.

Offer Details

Buy One, Get One FREE on any NutriSource or PureVita Jerky Treats!


Austin and Kat l $5.00 OFF Select Oils and Chews
We are really proud to launch our new and improved Classics collection. CBD Chews now in a softer consistency with active amounts of curcumin and our CBD tinctures enhanced with piperine and CoQ10.

Offer Details

$5.00 OFF New & Improved Classic Oils (100mg - 1200mg) and Chews (2.5mg - 10mg)


Boss Dog Brands | Buy 2, Get 1 FREE on all Boss Dog Products
GOT PROBIOTICS? GET BOSS DOG® Brand! All of our products are infused with probiotics at levels that SUPPORT DIGESTION AND IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION! Our products are delicious and nutritious for your pet, offering high quality proteins and nutrients in varying applications. From Complete and Balanced Meal Solutions in freeze dried raw to a Freeze Dried Raw Meatball Treat; our treats will nourish your pet from tail to nose! Treat Your Pet, Like a Boss™ with Boss Dog Brand!

Offer Details

Buy any 2 of the same Boss Dog® Brand Items, Get 1 of the same product FREE (No mixing and matching)


Pet Releaf | Dollars OFF Hemp Oils
Pet Releaf's hemp oils are 100% USDA Certified Organic and incorporate full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, so your pet can experience all of the beneficial cannabinoids of the hemp plant—including CBD.

Offer Details

Get $4.00 OFF 100mg Hemp Oils, $6.00 OFF 200mg Hemp Oils, and $10.00 OFF 500mg Hemp Oils


Canidae | Dollars OFF Canidae CA Dry Dog Food
Canidae® CA provides optimum protein to give every dog the goodness they need, offering three levels of protein, a variety of premium proteins, grains and vegetables. Available only at independent pet stores.

Offer Details

$10.00 OFF 25lb Bags and $5.00 OFF 7lb Bags of NEW Canidae CA Dry Dog Food


                                  Nulo Limited+


Nulo's Limited+ Single Protein Pollock recipe for dogs is an ideal option for dogs with food sensitives.  Not familiar with Pollock?  It's a fantastic low allergen, sustainable protein source that's rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it an ideal alternative to exotic proteins commonly used in pet foods.  The Nulo Limited+ Pollock recipe is high in animal-based protein with no pea- or potato protein concentrates, has low levels of low-glycemic carbs, and supports digestive and immune health with the patented BC30 Probiotic.  Nulo Limited+ recipes never contain ingredients like white potato, peas, tapioca, chicken, beef, or dairy.  Come by the store and check out the full range of Nulo Limted+ recipes today! #NuloPetFood #HealthierTogether #NoBetterPetFood #KnowBetter

                                  Busy time Puzzles


Are you having trouble keeping your dog busy? Do you have a zoom meeting but your dog just wants to play? Come on down and grab one of our many Outward Hound puzzle toys! We have lots to choose from with different levels of difficulties for your dog. Click this link to watch a video on each toy and how to easily teach your dog to correctly use each level.  


                           New Bosco & Roxy cookies



                          National Save a Spider Day
                                    March 16th


When you consider all of the benefits that certain creatures bring us, you have to wonder why we're so afraid of them. I mean, we bring dogs and cats into our homes and all they do is hang around, eat, sleep and occasionally kill a random rodent or two.

But consider for a moment, the Spider... March 14th is annual "Save a Spider Day." And there are some very good reasons to celebrate that rather unusual holiday.

Natural Pest Control

Arachnids provide natural pest control. Just imagine how overrun we would be with houseflies, who carry various diseases, if it weren't for the noble spider. Spiders also eat grasshoppers, cockroaches, and while it's not their favorite – up to 20 mosquitoes a day. And having spiders indoors means you may not need as many chemicals to control the insects that sneak in.

Speaking of chemicals... Spiders also protect many of our most bounteous crops of fruits and vegetables. They consume aphids and other insects that would devastate fields, vineyards and orchards otherwise. In fact, without spiders, organic farming would be all but impossible.

Finally, spiders help prevent the spread of many diseases. In case you missed the implication earlier, when spiders eat flies and mosquitoes, they are minimizing the spread of some diseases, like malaria and the Zika virus.

Blinded By Science!

Spiders have many natural traits and abilities that scientists and engineers study on a regular basis. Sure, it's a little creepy to accidentally walk into a spider's web out in the wild, but did you know that spider silk is the strongest known natural material? Studying the natural properties of spider silk has led to creating synthetic materials stronger than bulletproof Kevlar.

While a few spiders bite humans, it's rare. And their venom is actually more beneficial than harmful. It's already being used to treat pain in some instances. And researchers believe it may be able to treat arthritis and assist with heart conditions.

Thems Good Eatin'

Okay, this isn't one we're all that thrilled about sampling. But in South America and certain Asian cultures, spiders are a delicacy. Fried spiders, Tarantula shish-ka-bobs, crunchy roasted spiders. You can even get Tarantula jerky from the Amazon on Amazon! In fact, some people consider eating spiders to bring good luck!

But They're Scary!

So why does a good percentage of our population have an inordinate and unfounded fear of spiders? Psychologists believe it's a fear that is developed and passed down from our parents and grandparents. And being scared of spiders seems to be a fear largely found only in Western culture. Hence the spider-eating of the Third World.

Some historians point all the way back to the Black Plague in Europe. In the Middle Ages, we often blamed spiders for spreading the very diseases they helped control. Water and food became "corrupted" if spiders were found crawling in them.

But we also know that fear is inheritable. Maybe our very DNA is wired to be afraid of spiders, whether they're truly scary or not. And at least one arachnologist says even the ones we should be afraid of aren't as bad or populous as we often think.

Either way, we hope you'll take a moment out on March 14th to think about the noble spider and, if you find one in your home, just escort it out. At least for that day.

                               Ultra Oil vs Prednisone


Spring is around the corner, and seasonal allergies for pets are too. Has your pet been scratching year round? Have you spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills and the only solution they can give you for the constant itching and scratching is another prescription of a steroid? People feel helpless watching Fido itch, bite, and claw his fur out day and night without a solution other than another visit to the Veterinarian.


Ultra Oil is an amazing supplement which alleviates most skin and coat issues in dogs and cats and helps with hair regrowth just after 2-6 weeks of use. The glow that you see on your pets skin and coat when using Ultra Oil is the same vitality being created in every cell in the body and helping and more optimal organ function.

Over the years we have gotten many testimonials from customers who added Ultra Oil daily to their dog or cat's diet and were relieved to see the itching and biting stop. No longer needing frequent visits to the veterinary office and prescriptions such as Prednisone and Apoquel. 

What is prednisone?

Prednisone is a synthetic steroid that is commonly prescribed to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory drug and plays a key role in reducing inflammation in dogs and humans alike.

For more info on prednisone click here

Common side effects of prednisone include:


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin infections
  • Increased hunger/thirst
  • Skin infections
  • Panting

 There are no harmful side effects in Ultra Oil. Our product acts like a healthy food in the body as opposed to a drug with side effects. Most customers notice a shine within their dog or cats coat just after 3 days of starting Ultra Oil in their pet's diet.
by Tony Klabunde February 12, 2021; Ultra Oil


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