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Bark N Big Bark n Big Bison Marrow Bone 6" 2ct Dog Chew
Bark N Big Bark n Big Bison Marrow Bone 6" 2ct Dog Chew

Bark n Big Bison Marrow Bone 6" 2ct Dog Chew

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Our 2 count Raw 6" Bison Marrow Bones are great for medium to large-sized dogs and promote gut health. This is not a high-risk chew, although as with any chew we recommend supervising your pet.


Raw Bones are much less likely to splinter than a baked bone.
Raw Bones provide dogs with nutrition cooked bones and treats cannot.
Raw bones are nature's toothbrush, aiding in keeping mouths clean and plaque off the surface of the teeth.
Raw products produce enzymes that help fight off bad bacteria and keep your pet's immune system strong.
Raw marrow is full of nutritional fat and gives the dog access to red blood cells. This is where nutrients are transmitted throughout the body.

For Dogs new to Raw, Please Read:

Something to keep in mind if you have never given your dog raw products is to ease them into it. Try giving the bone to your pup for 15 minutes at a time, once a day for 2 weeks. We recommend putting it back in the freezer after each 15-minute session, as this will help to prevent the growth of bad bacteria. Once the marrow is gone from the inside of the bone, dispose of. We do not recommend filling the bone with something else after the marrow is out as the bone will become brittle and could possibly splinter.

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